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Find a Pinball

Some changes and a regional focus

Posted Nov. 3, 2010 by Colin O'Brien

As you may have noticed (or not), Find a pinball is now limited to European countries only.

After launching this site, I came across many other similar ventures trying to scratch the same itch. One of the best out there was pinballmap.com with very similar goals to mine. After some discussion, we came to an agreement: I would send US & Canadian traffic their way, and they would send European traffic my way, letting us each focus our energy on our own part of the world.

So, as from now, anyone visiting here from a non-European IP address gets a little notification about pinballmap.com. Obviously, they can still stick around here and search European locations if they want to.

On the other hand, visitors from a European IP get to test a new feature: geolocation, which is just the first step on the path the a full mobile version.

I apologize to members who spent time contributing US and Canadian locations into the database, that was the most uncomfortable part of the decision to apply geographical limits. You will be contacted privately though, as your data has been exported and can be integrated into pinballmap.com or any other service if you so wish.

Edit: I received a few messages mentioning that pinballmap.com only covered the Portland area. It doesn't. It may not be immediately obvious but you can change region at the top of the screen. Currently available are the Bay Area, Boston, British Columbia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle