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Frequently asked questions and other help topics


I tried to add a new pinball but the system couldn't find it.

The database relies on the IPDB for its game information in order to make sure a pinball isn't entered under multiple spellings and other similar problems.

If the game is too new or not in the IPDB, it won't show up. It might also not pickup on all spellings.

If you're sure the game should be in there, got to the feedback page and let us know.

I have a huge home pinball collection, can I add it to the site?

Generally, no. If your collection is in a public place and open daily, then sure go ahead.

There's a mistake in one of the location descriptions. How do I correct this?

At this time, it's not possible for anyone to edit location data once it's saved. This will be possible at a later date.

If, in the meantime, you notice a mistake, head over to the feedback forum and point it out. We'll do our best to fix it fast.

A location listed here no longer has any pinballs. How do I remove it?

You don't need to.

If all pinballs are removed from a location, it will automatically be deleted from the database if no new pinballs are added within the 3 months that follow.

How do I search for a city and state, there's only a single search field?

You can enter both city and state in the search form. You can even enter well-known landmarks.

Basically, anything that google maps can find will work here too.

Are there any risks of data I entered being lost?

There's a daily backup of all content and an extra weekly one on top of that, so content is pretty safe.