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Find a Pinball

So what's this site all about then?

Find a pinball was built to help players find and share locations where you can play pinball.

The games are not as common as they used to be, so getting the pinball playing community to share when and where they spotted a game seemed like a great idea.

There were several online listings focused on specific areas but most of them tended to go into decay after a while due to the updates being the manual work of a single person. The community aspect of Find a pinball helps correct this weakness.

And who are you?

My name is Colin O'Brien, I'm based in Brussels, Belgium and I'm a web designer/developer by trade. I also collect (and play) pinball machines and arcade games in my spare time. Find a pinball is a personal side-project born out of my frustration at finding games to play when out and about.

Give me the technical mumbo jumbo.

Find a pinball is written in Python using the excellent Django framework.

Maps and geocoding make use of Google's API, search is powered by Sphinx, content is stored by PostgreSQL and hosting is provided by a Linode VPS. The data is served by Gunicorn hiding behind an Nginx proxy.

Pinball details are provided by the Internet Pinball Database.