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Daimlerstraße 41-43
32257 Buende


Store opening time: Mo. to Fr. 9:30 – 17:00

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Pinball nameManufacturerYearTypeInfo
AC/DC Back In Black Limited...Stern2012SS
AC/DC Let There Be Rock Limited...Stern2012SS
AC/DC (Premium)Stern2012SS
AC/DC (Pro)Stern2012SS
Al's Garage Band Goes On a World...Alvin G1992SS
Attack from MarsMidway1995SS
Big Buck Hunter ProStern2010SS
Dale Jr.Stern2007SS
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Demolition ManWilliams1994SS
Eight Ball ChampBally Midway1985SS
Family GuyStern2007SS
Fish TalesWilliams1992SS
Game of Thrones (Limited...Stern2015SS
Game of Thrones (Pro)Stern2015SS
Ghostbusters (Limited Edition)Stern2016SS
Ghostbusters (Pro)Stern2016SS
Grand PrixStern2005SS
High Roller CasinoStern2001SS
Indiana Jones: The Pinball...Williams1993SS
Iron ManStern2010SS
James Cameron’s AvatarStern2010SS
James Cameron’s Avatar Limited...Sternn/aSS
Johnny MnemonicWilliams1995SS
Judge DreddMidway1993SS
Junk YardWilliams1996SS
KISS (Premium)Stern2015SS
KISS (Pro)Stern2015SS
Legends of Wrestlemania (Limited...Stern2015SS
Medieval MadnessWilliams1997SS
Metallica (Premium Road Case)Stern2013SS
Metallica (Pro)Stern2013SS
Metallica (Pro LED)Stern2014SS
Monster BashWilliams1998SS
Mustang (Limited Edition)Stern2014SS
Mustang (Premium "Boss")Stern2014SS
Mustang (Pro)Stern2014SS
Scared StiffMidway1996SS
ScoreGasm MasterDay One Pinball2015SS
Star Trek (Starfleet Pro)Stern2013SS
Star Trek (Vengeance Premium)Stern2013SS
Terminator 2: Judgment DayWilliams1991SS
Terminator 3: Rise of the...Stern2003SS
The Amazing Spider-ManGottlieb1980SS
The Avengers Hulk (Limited...Stern2012SS
The Avengers (Limited Edition)Stern2012SS
The Avengers (Premium)Stern2013SS
The Avengers (Pro)Stern2012SS
The Champion PubMidway1998SS
The Getaway: High Speed IIWilliams1992SS
The Hobbit (Smaug Gold Special...Jersey Jack Pin...2016SS
The Lord of the RingsStern2003SS
The Lord of the Rings (Limited...Stern2009SS
The Pabst Can CrusherStern2016SS
The Rolling StonesStern2011SS
The ShadowMidway1994SS
The Simpsons Pinball PartyStern2003SS
The Walking Dead (Limited...Stern2014SS
The Walking Dead (Pro)Stern2014SS
The Who's Tommy Pinball WizardData East1994SS
The Wizard of OzJersey Jack Pin...2013SS
Transformers™ Limited Edition...Stern2011SS
Transformers™ (Pro)Stern2011SS
TRON: LegacyStern2011SS
TRON: Legacy (Limited Edition)Stern2011SS
White WaterWilliams1993SS
Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons™Stern2015SS
World Poker Tour™Stern2006SS
Wrestlemania (Pro)Stern2015SS
X-Men ProStern2012SS
X-Men Wolverine LEStern2012SS

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